Project Communication Solutions

Submittal Exchange for Construction

Submittal Exchange® for Construction is a collaborative, secure online system for exchanging, reviewing, and archiving construction submittals, RFI’s and other design and construction communications electronically.

When project teams use Submittal Exchange for Construction they are able to eliminate frustrations, delays and unexpected costs often incurred when managing project communications with paper, email or FTP sites.

Submittal Exchange for Construction Benefits:

  • Save Time: Eliminate time delays with instant transfers of documents between reviewers with the press of a button.

  • Reduce Costs: Cut administrative time to manage the process by up to 50%. Also, reduce costs by eliminating shipping and courier services and expensive internal server upgrades.

  • Decrease Paperwork: Eliminate thousands of paper copies during construction, a significant environmental benefit.

  • Increase Transparency: Provide all project team members with access to a central list of required items to monitor the progress of items and make sure nothing is overlooked.

To further improve project communication, Submittal Exchange for Design can be used in conjunction with Submittal Exchange for Construction, making sharing of design documents and information from the design phase of a project to the construction phase a seamless transition.

Want to learn more about Submittal Exchange? The best way is to see it in action!